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This is the list of all hardware that is present in my smart house.


Gigabyte BRIX GB-BPCE-3455

I needed something more powerfull than RaspberryPi to host all services running my Smart House. Gigabyte BRIX GB-BPCE-3455 can be extended by normal hard drive and RAM (in my case 8GB RAM and 250GB SSD). The Intel Celeron inside this small box have enought power to even transcode 4K video(plex in docker) and small amount of machine learning.

Raspberry Pi 3

This small computer is used mainly for DIY stuff like cat feeder and Gateway . First version of my smart house run on one of these, but quickly my requirements outgrown its computing power.


My adventure with Z-Wave started with Danfoss Thermostats, after one winter, I received astronomical bill for heating. Interaction with all Z-Wave devices is done using Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 that is plugged to my Gigabyte BRIX. The cool thing about this setup is that each device is from different manufacturer and they work together. Currently my arsenal of Z-Wave devices consits:

Device Quantity Component Notes
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 1 Z-Wave Main Z-Wave Hub as usb dongle
Danfoss Z-Wave Thermostats 3 Z-Wave Climate Used for controlling temperature in rooms
NEO Coolcam - Door/Window Sensor 5 Z-Wave Binary Sensor Used for detecting what doors are open/closed
NEO Coolcam - Motion Sensor 2 Z-Wave Binary Sensor For detecting cat movement and some light automations
NEO Coolcam - Flood Water Leak Alarm Senso 1 Z-Wave Binary Sensor For detecting leakage in bathroom
Fibaro Relay Switch 8 Z-Wave Switch Controling lights and switches
Roller Shutter 3 1 Z-Wave Cover Controling living room blinds
NEO Coolcam - Power Plug 2 Z-Wave switch Used for detecting if AGD stuff is working


Philips Hue

I`m using Philips Hue Hub Gen 2 for controlling my TRÅDFRI lights. The default gateway from Ikea was buggy as hell. After few hours it stopped responding and only fix was to restart it by plugging device from power.

Device Quantity Component
TRÅDFRI Bulb 2 Hue


Currently most of my sensors is Xiaomi, so I need to use their Gateway to integrate them with Home Assistant. It does intergrate with its ecosystem pretty ok, with support for playing a sound and it also has a rgb led which will change colours on events like upcoming rain, etc. Gateway has blocked access to network(this is still chines company duh.)

Device Quantity Component Notes
Mi Air Purifier 2 1 Xiaomi Air Purifier Air purifier in bedroom room
Mi Air Purifier 2s 1 Xiaomi Air Purifier Air purifier in living room
Xiaomi Aqara Hub 1 Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara) Used for communication with wirless switches and temperature sensors
Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Remote Switch 6 Xiaomi Switch These switches are used for triggering various automations
Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2 1 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Automated to run at specific times based on presence detection.
Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2 1 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Automated to run at specific times based on presence detection.
Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor 3 Xiaomi Aqara For sampling temperature and humidity in rooms without air purifiers(they have humidity and temperature sensors inside them)

Wi-Fi Network

And here are all devices that are connected over Wi-Fi network:

Device Quantity Connection Home Assistant Notes
Amazon Echo DOT 3 WiFi Alexa / Amazon Echo The Alexa devices are used as interface to interact with HomeAssistant
Playstation 4 1 WiFi PS4 For playing and watching stuff that requires DVD/Blurays
HW-K650 Soundbar w/ Wireless Subwoofer 1 WiFi ha_samsung_multi_room Some sound goodies control stuff
LG webOS TV 55SK8100PLA 1 WiFi LG webOS Smart TV Watching movies, showing Home Assistant panel and notifications
Netgear Switch GS108GE 1 Ethernet - Asus lyra has only two ethernet ports.
Mesh network router Asus Lyra 1 WiFi Asuswrt Network, remote access through VPN
QNAP TS-228 1 Ethernet QNAP Sensor Main storage array for backups, TimeMachine and photos
RIGGAD Lamp 1 Wi-Fi MQTT Light Lamp with wirless charging. Additionaly I have replaced default bulb with NeoPixel Ring and WeMos D1 mini. See this in action
Linak Desk 1 Bluetooth MQTT Cover Nice desk with ability to adjust height

Depracated/Old hardware

Device Quantity Connection Home Assistant Notes
Router Asus RT-AC56U 1 WiFi Asuswrt Network, remote access through VPN