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Vacuum Card in action

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Air Purifier

Air Purifier

air-purifier displays custom ui for the Xiaomi Air Purifier. There is a information about current AQI, speed and special buttons that allows me to switch between sleep mode, auto mode, and setting favorite level with target speed.

- type: custom:air-purifier-card
  entity: fan.living_room_air_purifier

Linak Desk Card


Linak Desk Card is a much nicer fronted for cover entity. I can prepare some presets for diffrent heights that are available through select box in top right corner.

- type: custom:linak-desk
  entity: cover.desk
    min: 68
    max: 128
    - target: 100
      label: 'Arek Praca'
    - target: 170
      label: 'Arek Majsterkowanie'
    - target: 120
      label: 'Ola Stanie'
    - target: 60
      label: 'Ola Praca'

QR Card

QR Card is used for generating locally QR codes. For example I use it for generating code that helps people connect to my guest network.

- type: custom:qr-card

Public Transport Card


Transit Card shows public transit schedules as readable table. I have two cards of this type, on the main dashboard page that tells me when next train to my work will be and on work page.

- type: custom:transit-card
  entity: sensor.to_work_transit

KKM Card

Card Simple companion card for kkm_sensor that displays how many days I have left on my train card before it expires and for what lines.


This lovelace extension changes background depending on current state of sun.sun entity.

- type: custom:dynamic-wallpaper
  entity: sun.sun

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